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Welcome to I’m Mike, and I am a big fan of both baseball and science. I have a PhD in biomechanics from McMaster University in Hamilton, where I studied muscle fatigue and how it influences performance. Primarily, I have focused my efforts on preventing injuries in automotive workers. However, I feel there are a lot of parallels between the repetitive work done on an assembly line, and the motions of professional baseball pitchers. If you like what I’ve written here, and you want to get a bit nerdier – check out my Google Scholar page to read the peer reviewed publications I have written with some awesome co-authors.

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  1. Brandon Carusillo


    Great work with this website. I am currently doing a report on baseball’s PED usage and viewership, and was wondering if you had five minutes to discuss the topic on the phone. I wanted an expert’s opinion, and you could really help me out with answering a few minutes. No longer than five minutes.

  2. Roger Lafleur

    Dr. Sonne,
    My name is Roger Lafleur and I’m a Producer with Fantasy Sports Network. We are interested in arranging an interview with you to discuss your work. If you are available, could you kindly contact me at the email included?
    Best regards,

  3. timothy charlton

    Dr. Mike,

    I saw your post on fangraphs about Mike Trout’s thumb and wanted to tell you where game keepers thumb came from. Many people assume it is a soccer goalie type of UCL injury akin to the skiers thumb mechanism that mike trout had.

    In fact, it goes back to a more chronic attritional mechanism of people who tend and farm rabbits. The method of killing the rabbit, by hitting / breaking the neck of the rabbit, put tremendous force on the UCL of the thumb. The chronic repetitive injury would make the UCL chronically lax and painful.

  4. ES

    I’ve read a short article about anterior capsule surgery you briefly some about.
    I am just a fan of the game baseball; not a doctor.
    Would you be so kind as to present any updates to this procedure for a guy like Julio Urias of the Dodgers in regards to his age and his post surgery expectations.

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