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Emergency Night before Pitch Talks Stuff Report


It has come to my attention that, while updating the Blue Jays Stuff report over at BP Toronto, I have neglected the MLB stuff report on this site. No time like the night before Pitch Talks to fill everyone in on who has the best stuff in the MLB!

Starting Pitchers

The man remains entrenched at the top of his loft perch – Jake Arrieta has the best stuff of all starting pitchers in Major League Baseball.  In fact, the top three are quite significantly higher than anyone else – Arrieta, Syndergaard, and Strasburg are the only starters who have flirted with the mythical 2.0 mark on the Stuff report all season long. For Jays fans, I would like to present how Syndergaard sits near the top of this list, and down at #108… well, you can guess who.

The top starting staffs all reside in Chicago, with the Cubs at #1, and the White Sox at #2. This goes to show – stuff isn’t everything. The cubs are closing in on a 100 win season and the White Sox… well, they’re fighting to steer clear of the Twins at the bottom of the central.

Relief Pitchers

Chapman still sits at number 1, but Mauricio Cabrera seems hellbent on taking the reliever Stuff crown. Both of these arms have an average fastball velocity of over 100mph. That’s their AVERAGE fastball. To make it worse? They can both drop it down into the 80’s when they need to.

As for Bullpens, the Red Sox – buoyed by the electric arm of Craig Kimbrel – have risen to the top of the Stuff rankings. The Cubs are close behind, and the Jays lurk in fourth.


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Who has the best Stuff in Baseball? – Volume 2

As April comes to a close, the MLB season starts to pick up steam. Blue Jays fans eagerly await a game where they aren’t sitting under a roof. All baseball fans sit and wonder though… which Pitcher has the best stuff in baseball? You’re in the right place.

Starting Pitchers

Individual Pitchers

A bit of a somber start to this edition of the best Stuff in baseball, as our current leader, Chris Bassitt, has been put on the DL with elbow issues. Chris was roughed up by the Blue Jays in his last start, and news surfaced about the pain he’s been dealing with in his elbow. I hope for nothing other than a quick return to health for Chris. One of the most interesting debuts on this list belongs to Blake Snell – the Rays top pitching prospect. His debut against the Yankees resulted in exceptional stuff. Check out this curveball he used against Brian McCann.

Starting Staffs

The Mets assume their rightful place at the top of the MLB’s best Stuff rankings. Lead by Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz, the Mets have the most elite stuff of any starting pitching staff. It looks like I’m not alone in thinking this.

Relief Pitchers

Individual Pitchers

The best stuff of any reliever belongs to Kelvin Herrera from the Royals. Herrera has long received praise from analysts, and with his elite fastball and massive amount of breaking distance, it’s not a big surprise.

In the AL East, it’s a bit scary to see how many elite relievers there are – with Craig Kimbrel getting better by the end of April, and Chapman still on the horizon.


The Royals bullpen continues to wear the crown for the best stuff of any relief corps. It will be interesting to see what happens when Arolids Chapman returns from the Suspended list – as not only do Bettances and Miller have elite Stuff, but John Barbato sits near the top of the list. The Yankees are aiming to play 5 inning baseball games.

What is Stuff?

What is Stuff

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