Volume 5 of the stuff report means that we are now 10 weeks into the MLB season.  Remember when it was cold and snowy, and we all just wanted baseball season to start? Let’s look at who has the best stuff in the MLB – 10 weeks into the season.

Starting Pitchers

The king has returned, and reigning 2015 Stuff champion Jake Arrieta has risen to the top of the 2016 Stuff list. The strength of Arrieta’s stuff comes from his premier breaking pitch velocity. His resultant break distance also ranks in the top 20, at over 20″ of separation between the fastball and breaking ball. The newest addition to the list is Jon Gray from the Rockies. Gray hasn’t put the whole package together quite yet, but with a Slider like this one – you can see the potential in his arsenal.

In terms of a starting staff, the Tigers have the best Stuff in the MLB – with a rating of 0.21 Stuff units per inning. This is buoyed by the resurgent Justin Verlander and new kid on the block, Michael Fulmer. The Cubs with Arrieta and Lester are close behind at 0.20.

Relief Pitchers

Unsurprisingly, Arolids Chapman has finally made his way to the top of the Stuff list for relief pitchers. Following close behind, is Matt Bush.  However, Johnny Barbato has also risen up the stuff list.

Barbato has a great curveball, which has 21.6″ of separation between his fastball and his curve. Combined with Elite Stuff pitchers Chapman, Miller, and Betances – the Yankees bullpen is loaded with great stuff. In terms of the entire bullpen. The best stuff for the pen still belongs to the Cubs – buoyed by Rondon, Grimm and Strop – all of which have Elite stuff (a value over 1.0).

Curious as to how Stuff is calculated? Check this primer out for a refresher.

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